Deanna & Jim

Deanna and Jim are two of the most delightful people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. They were both positive and good-humored, even when the rain started to pour just before their guests arrived. Thankfully, throughout the day the clouds parted for breaks in the rain every time we needed it.

The two were married at the College Avenue Baptist Church in San Diego. The reception was held at Tom Hams Lighthouse.


bride's room


One of the best parts about shooting a wedding is the back-stage pass I get as the ladies prepare for the big moment. After all these years and all of these brides there are certain pieces of advice that I can comfortably give anyone who is planning her big day. Here’s one of them.

Tip: Be sure to surround yourself with your own personal cheerleaders!


a little peek


their guests

Deanna & Jim

their exit


reception details

tiny dancer

unexpected guests