the fabulous J*

I stumbled across Jasmine Star last year while researching options for updating our website.  Website design and hosting service SHOWIT uses the J* site as one of their examples.  I saw her site and started following her blog, which I find to be a great source of inspiration in so many ways.  She has a very successful business, her images are beautiful, and Jasmine herself is such a dynamic, yet warm person.  She is well known in the wedding photography industry for her fresh images and the fearlessly open candor of her posts. 

So why go to a workshop?  Dad and I have been photographing weddings for quite some time now so we certainly aren’t rookies when it comes to wedding photography.  But that doesn’t mean we’re not always looking for ways to improve and grow our business.  So when I learned that Jasmine would be conducting a workshop where she discusses in great detail the things that have made her successful, I jumped at the opportunity.

As part of the workshop, she took the group out on a shoot where she showed us how she poses couples to create images that fit in with her own unique style or brand.  She then encouraged us to do the same. 

Models Carlie and Gabriel were absolutely fantastic.  These former clients of Jasmine’s were perfect for the shoot: classically beautiful yet playful.  Photographers themselves, I had seen and admired their website and photography before but didn’t make the connection until pulling up the link to write this post.  Their work is uber-fun and so creative.  Here they are, looking stunning as they wait for instruction from the group.

So lovely.
The flowers were gorgeous! Jaclyn of Heavenly Blooms did the bouquet as well as some beautiful center pieces.
J* makes everyone laugh as she demonstrates some fun poses
Love love love how the flowers work with the tie.
And we wrapped up the shoot with a kiss.
JD, Jasmine’s mom, the florist, Carlie, Gabriel, and all of the other workshop attendees made this a great way to spend the day!  Jasmine, thank you so very much for your openness and your energy.  I am so pleased I was able to attend the workshop and have renewed excitement about the future of our photography business.