Ilia and David’s ocean view celebration

I’m so happy that Ilia and David found each other – even against the odds.  When the two met, they lived on opposite sides of the country.  Both being successful professionals in their fields (Ilia a doctor and David now a lawyer) they were settled into their lives and skeptical at first that a relationship could work.  But they fell in love from a distance and when David came out to meet her in person, a single date turned into a 10-day holiday together where they got to know each other, and where David had an opportunity to meet many of the important people in Ilia’s life.  Well, they both passed that test and David moved out to San Diego to start his life with Ilia.

Now, just to see them together, it’s as if two lost puzzle pieces came together to form a union that was meant to be.  I love the way that David looks at Ilia, and I love the way that Ilia smiles back in his direction.

Ilia and David were married on the cliffs of La Jolla at the Martin Johnson House, located within the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.  They prepared for the ceremony at their beautiful home in Pacific Beach.

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Amy and I both had such a great time – on the way home we talked about what a great crowd this was, and how much positive energy we felt from everyone who helped celebrate.  Ilia, your parents and your grandmother are inspirational.  David, you were right; your sister is such a funny and warm person and she immediately made me feel welcome.  In fact, every guest I encountered was just a joy to meet.  Believe it or not, the party was so much fun I was actually surprised when the band announced the last song.

Ilia and David – I know you’re enjoying your honeymoon now, but if you do have the chance to get online to see this while you’re away, I hope you enjoy this small sample of your day.  Thank you, once again, for asking us to photograph your wedding.