Nicki and Chris party like rockstars in La Jolla

I had barely set foot in the door of Nicki and Chris’ house when I realized that this would be a fantastic day.  Nicki and her bridesmaids were so much fun that I almost wished I were a guest rather than their photographer… I did say “almost”.  I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on the opportunity to shoot this one.

Nicki and Chris met while playing soccer (how fitting that they should be married during the World Cup) and I understand both are quite good.  We heard stories throughout the day about what an amazing goalie Chris is, and about how impressed he was with Nicki’s legs the moment he saw “the new girl” on the field.  We also learned that Nicki and her maid of honor Andrea met through soccer back when they were kids growing up in Virginia.  Several of their friends are also fellow team mates, so as you might guess there was plenty of heckling and ribbing.  But any teasing aside, these people were there for one very good reason: to party.  It is so much fun to be at a wedding where it’s so clear that everyone is there to have a great time.  Laughter and silliness took over while everyone’s positive energy and good feelings filled the air, surrounding the bride and groom.

Now I love love love to take photos of beautiful relationships.  In fact, one of my favorite things to do in the whole world is to capture a moment that shows the connection between two people in love.  And there was no shortage of that here.  But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that this wedding was a pleasure to shoot for the physical beauty of it as well.  Nicki and Chris put together not just a killer party, but also a gorgeous and elegant event.  In fact, the toughest part about this blog post was selecting the photos.  There were so many I wanted to share.

Check out this stunning dress by Demetrios Bride.  The neckline was amazing on Nicki and the way it caught the afternoon sunlight was perfection.
NickiChris_01 NickiChris_02 NickiChris_03 NickiChris_04 NickiChris_05 NickiChris_06 NickiChris_07 Nicki and Chris were married at one of our new favorite venues: the Martin Johnson house.NickiChris_08 NickiChris_09 NickiChris_10 NickiChris_11 NickiChris_12 NickiChris_13 NickiChris_14 NickiChris_15 NickiChris_16 NickiChris_17 NickiChris_18 NickiChris_19 NickiChris_20 NickiChris_21 NickiChris_22

Nicki and Chris – It’s clear that you really wanted this to be a fantastic party and I’d say that you absolutely hit the mark on that one!  Everyone who was there expected to have a great time and you two delivered.  Side note: speaking of delivery, I should mention that Chris even ordered pizzas so his guests would be sure to leave on a full stomach after partying so hard.    And as for the two of you, it’s so much fun just being around you because it’s obvious you don’t just love each other, but that you’re also buddies, and that really is awesome to see.  I just know that as you grow old together you’ll continue to have each other’s backs.

Congratulations on finding each other.  Happy marriage you two!

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