Joanne and Randy’s joyful summer celebration

They’d known each other for years and even went to a high school Sadie Hawkins dance together.  But as time went on they drifted apart… that is until they re-discovered each other.  Now Joanne and Randy couldn’t be happier, starting their new family surrounded by TONS of loving friends and family members.

This is one of those weddings where, as I scrolled through my images from the day, I kept finding myself grinning and even getting a little teary (I do that sometimes) remembering all of the joy and positive energy of the day.  It’s obvious that these two are so very loved, and I can certainly see why.

Joanne and Randy were married on June 26, 2010 at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish.  And their reception was held at the Sheraton Harbor Island in San Diego.
JoanneRandy_01 JoanneRandy_02 Theresa Manalang and Christa Yabut did a beautiful job on the makeup.  Florence and Rebecca of French Twist Salon did a stunning job on the hair for all of the ladies.JoanneRandy_03 JoanneRandy_04 JoanneRandy_05 JoanneRandy_06Exquisite Blooms provided the gorgeous flowers!  I just love the cheerful yellow against the cool, clean gray.  Nice choice!

JoanneRandy_07 My intention was to get the shoes in focus and show the gang jumping in the background.  But he looked so darned sassy I couldn’t resist posting this one of Dad coaching for the photo.  Lookin’ good Pop!JoanneRandy_08 JoanneRandy_09 JoanneRandy_10 JoanneRandy_11 Joanne and Randy planned this whole event in just a few months but you would NEVER have known it.  From the candy bar, to the table cards for both adult and kids’ tables, they thought of every little detail.  Lynn Bautista of Savvy Bride helped to make sure everything was smoothly executed.JoanneRandy_12 JoanneRandy_19JoanneRandy_13

Oh, now THIS was FUN!  The guys did a special dance number for Joanne, and when I say they did a dance number, I really mean it.  This was a rehearsed, choreographed routine to a mash-up of songs.  The crowd, and of course Joanne, LOVED it!!  Dad got some great shots of the whole group while I was able to get these fun close-ups of the performance and reactions.  And yes, those are Beyonce moves that Randy and his guys are doing in the lower left two photos… 

In fact, if you’d like to see it I just checked and sure enough, their whole dance number is posted on YouTube.  Seriously impressive guys!

JoanneRandy_14 JoanneRandy_15 JoanneRandy_16 JoanneRandy_17 JoanneRandy_18

Joanne and Randy – We had a great time getting to know you guys and helping to capture your day.  I’m so excited for the two of you and that little girl on the way because I’m sure that, just as you were on your wedding day, you will continue to be surrounded by love and joy as your family grows.  Congratulations on a gorgeous day and I wish you a long, happy life together!

Oh, and be sure to call me for those maternity photos… (wink!)