Mishel and Theodore: elegance and pure happiness

When we walked through the doors of Mishel and Theo’s suite at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in Downtown San Diego on Saturday July 3, 2010, I was first struck with Mishel’s beautiful and warm smile.  The second thing I noticed were a group of fantastic ladies (little ones included) whose sole desire was to make sure Mishel and Theo’s day was as perfect as possible.  Oh, and then of course there was also the beautiful suite itself.

You’ve heard people talk about a bride glowing on her wedding day.  Well I think that Mishel personifies this – her eyes twinkling, her dimples in full force.  And then there is her energy – that morning as we photographed all of the activity I could almost feel the butterflies myself, she was so excited to marry Theo.

The infectious, giddy smiles continued throughout their beautiful day, as the two were married at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in San Diego, followed by a romantic and elegant reception at Los Willows in Fallbrook, CA.

Mishel_Theo_01 Mishel_Theo_02 Mishel_Theo_03 Mishel hadn’t yet decided which shoes to wear that day.  But once she told me the story of how she was almost distracted by their cuteness when she wore them on the day he proposed, I was happy she selected the red “Y-not?” shoes.  Is that appropriate or what!Mishel_Theo_04 Mishel_Theo_05 A little someone tries to make a case for the champagne shoes, but Mishel stuck with the red.Mishel_Theo_06 Mishel shows off the perfume bottle given to her by her sister, who was deployed the day before the wedding.Mishel_Theo_07 Mishel_Theo_08 Mishel_Theo_09 Mishel_Theo_10 Mishel_Theo_11 Mishel_Theo_12 The stained glass, artwork, arches, and columns at Saint Joseph Cathedral were just amazing.Mishel_Theo_13 Mishel_Theo_26Mishel_Theo_27Mishel_Theo_24 Mishel_Theo_14 Mishel_Theo_15 Mishel_Theo_25 Mishel_Theo_16 Mishel_Theo_17 Mishel_Theo_18 Mishel_Theo_19 Mishel_Theo_20 Mishel_Theo_21 Mishel_Theo_22 Mishel_Theo_23

Mishel and Theo, I just have to say: I love how in love you two are.  I know you’ll be able to keep that happiness and spark alive for years and years to come.  I can just imagine your future children and grandchildren pulling out your wedding album one day, laughing and smiling as they too experience the infectious joy and excitement that comes through in these images.  Thank you so much for letting Dad and I help you capture it.  Congratulations you two!