Eisenhower Reunion 2010

Time for a more personal post.  Meet my family… my big family… and actually, just one side of it.  Meet the Eisenhowers!

A couple years ago, we attended a reunion in Reno.  Well we all had such a great time that my grandmother Dede decided we should have another one in San Diego.  And that we did.  People gathered from all over the country and converged in San Diego (more specifically Poway Lake) to laugh, hug, kiss, eat, mingle, play, and… did I mention laugh?

Dad and I put the camera on a tri-pod and set the timer for this photo of the group that celebrated together.  Click on it to see a much bigger version.  Everyone who was at this event (including spouses, pets, kids and loved ones) were included in the group photo.  And while it photographically may not be the best image that this camera has ever taken, it’s still one of my favorites because of the many many people I love who are in it.

My cousins, Amy and Erin.  You ladies are simply amazing – people magnets!  And on the right – check out some of the decorations that Melissa put together for the event.  Adorable!

My little cousin Nicole with my niece Caitlin.  You go, sassy ladies!

Caitlin and Nathan.  Dick let Nathan borrow his camera and he took some pretty cool shots that day.  Nice job guy – we’re going to have to do some shooting together soon!

the boys

The patriarchs: Uncle Art and my grandfather (his brother) Jim.  Although I’ve always called him “Pampa”

And their lovely ladies: Grandma Dede and Aunt Lila.  These two are absolutely the epitome of warmth, kindness, and grace.  My role models.

Later that evening, we all met at the Doubletree Golf Resort in San Diego for an only slightly less casual dinner gathering.  The people at the Doubletree were awesome to work with!

Dad took this one of me and Dick.  The beer is especially classy, don’t you think?  *wink*

More of Melissa’s creativity on display at our dinner tables

Crazy Waylond!

Dede kicks dinner off with a speach, thanking everyone for being a part of this fantastic day.  She made us cry and she made us laugh… truly.

What’s a party without some dancing?  We thought of it too late to book one of our wedding DJ friends, so I stepped up and kept music going for the party.  The PA and speakers have been stored in my garage since the family used to sing, probably more than 15 years ago.  It was fun to dust it all off and find that it actually all still worked!  We kept the music going, and people dancing, until it was time to clean up the room.  And thank goodness for the wi-fi at the hotel because I was buying new songs on iTunes to put into my playlist as the evening progressed.  Man, I have so much respect for all you DJ’s out there.  It’s not so easy to keep a party going!  (Not sure if it was Dad or Dick who took this shot) 

Here are a few party photos that Dad took.  This one of cousins Jesse and Lee is a particular favorite of mine.

Not positive if we were dancing to Abba or Black Eyed Peas at this point…

And once again, Caitlin and Nicole – thanks ladies for making sure that dance floor never got cold!

When I find myself in a particularly philosophical mood, thinking about the things that are most important in life, love is at the top of the list. No matter where I go, no matter how much money I have, no matter where I work, no matter where I live, no matter how healthy I’m feeling, the connections with people I love will be with me, and a part of me. Thank you family, for being such a huge part of who I am. I love you.