Pearl & Steve’s Belmont Park engagement session

Pearl and Steve came to the folks’ house to meet us before deciding on us as their wedding photographers.  There they sat in the living room, both wearing Dr. Pepper t-shirts (I seem to remember that he likes the drink but she’s not a huge fan – just likes the shirt).  They answered our questions about their wedding day and politely chuckled at Dad’s and my corny attempts at humor.  While at first I worried we weren’t hitting it off, I eventually realized that their dry humor and wit was actually right up my alley.  If their friends and loved ones share the same attitude, I have a feeling this is going to be a fun wedding to photograph!

When it came to what they wanted to do for their engagement photos Pearl and Steve were completely open.  Because Steve regularly plays volleyball at Mission Beach it seemed a logical choice of locations.  We decided to meet them at Belmont Park in San Diego.  This was a departure from the secluded (or secluded-looking) beach areas that we often use to photograph couples and actually, I really enjoyed the change of scenery.  In fact I will likely use this spot again.  I loved the fact that we were surrounded by so many people and so much color.  It made for what I think were are fun and energetic photos.

Typically only one of us goes out on engagement sessions but Dad and I decided that, just for the fun of it, we’d do this shoot together.  Here are some of my own favorites from that evening.  Dad took even more.

Thank you two for letting us capture all those smiles, whispers, and kisses.  Such a fun way to spend an evening!