Little Miss Samantha

Many of my friends have kids.  And I like kids.  That said, I also travel a lot, which tends to add shall we say a different color to one’s opinion of children… and the effort it takes to keep them entertained while on cross country flights.  Now, in this context, I’d like to introduce you to Samantha.  I had the pleasure of flying with Samantha and her mom (a good friend of mine) from Boston to San Diego.  And before you roll your eyes thinking that my use of the word “pleasure” was sarcastic, I assure you it was not.

On quite a few occasions I have seen those “families with young children” boarding earlier than others, struggling to collapse strollers while juggling bags, bottles and babies as they attempt to squeeze into their seats as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This time, I was with Samantha and her mom in the “families with young children” group, walking behind them as Samantha rode in front in her Baby Bjorn.  And this is when I realized what a unique little girl she is.  I watched as people passed the two of them – a look of distraction or worry or just plain grumpiness would transform into a silly grin as an old man or busy airline attendant caught a glimpse of Samantha smiling back.  You know people with contagious laughs, Samantha has perhaps the most contagious little smile I’ve ever seen.

As you might have guessed, when my good friend asked if I could take some photos of Samantha I jumped at the opportunity.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, she was great on the flight too.