Yordi and Nebyou’s Sunny and Spiritual Celebration

Yordi and I really hit it off when we met at the Bridal Bazaar last year.  She’s such a striking beauty and perhaps one of the warmest people I’ve met.  Unfortunately, we had a short lapse in communication and when they were unable to reach us, she and Nebyou booked another wedding photographer.  She was such a sweetheart when I called and she broke the news to me, that I really was heart broken when it looked like we wouldn’t be shooting their celebration.  I wished the two of them the best, and told her I was sure they were going to have a perfect day.

I like to think that things happen for a reason – so a couple weeks later, when Yordi called to tell us that their other photographer fell through, I had to believe that the opportunity for us to photograph them was just… well… meant to be.

The two of them came to the house to talk with us before making their final decision and Dad and I were both thrilled about the prospect of photographing our first Ethiopian wedding ceremony.

The celebration spanned two days.  The day of their “western” ceremony started on Saturday at Yordi’s parents’ home where she waited for Nebyou and his entourage to arrive.

The bridal party travelled to the ceremony site in style, in an Old Town Wedding Trolley.

Nebyou nervously waits for the beautiful, bay front ceremony to begin.


After taking some photos on the grounds of the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, the bridal party took a break to relax for a bit and change for the reception.