Doug, Susana & Angie

You may recognize Doug and Susana from previous posts, when they asked me to take maternity photos and later when Angie was only a few months old.  But just look at her now!  She’s grown up so much since the last time I photographed her- and what a little cutie!
We had a great time at Balboa Park and Angie just couldn’t get enough of all of the “cookies” wandering by. “Cookie” is her word for pretty much any pet – but especially dogs – due to another Cookie that she knows. So if you see her looking away from the camera in these photos, it’s a pretty good guess there is a dog somewhere out of the frame.  :-)
Almost as cute as Angie herself is the way mom and dad look at her.

Susana and Doug – thank you so much for asking me to take pictures of your beautiful family once again. You know I love taking pictures and I’m always honored when close friends ask to be photography clients. I really loved spending the morning with you guys. And besides, you’re good lookin’ people – so you make it easy. ;-) Let’s do it again soon!