Alexandra, Jeremy & Zoe

I’ve known Alex since my 7th grade talent show (we called her Ali then).  The little, short haired, blonde pixie donned her ballet attire and danced to The Beatles “Come Together”.  I wasn’t nearly as cool as this mini Beatles fan, and didn’t have anywhere near the excellent taste in music that she did (and still does) but we became friends anyway and have stayed friends since.

Dick and I photographed Alex and Jeremy’s wedding back in, woah, 2008 – it really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.  Now things are getting even more exciting for these two as they became the legal guardians of little Zoe.  Skipping straight to the toddler stage has to have been a huge adjustment but these two are just rolling with it – and are obviously so enchanted with little Zoe.  And what a personality this one has!

Alex and Jeremy, thank you for allowing me to capture a little slice of your life and for the delicious brunch and coffee too (Alex is an excellent cook). You are so good with Zoe and she is so so lucky to have you two. I wish the three of you, and your two other babies, the happiest of holidays and look forward to capturing more photos of you as your family grows up. :-)