Alyssa on the way!

My mom and I sing with Sandy in the RB Chorale.  Sandy is such a fun person that we immediately hit it off.  Then, as we got to know each other a little better, I was honored to sing at Sandy and Neal’s wedding a couple years ago.  When we were rehearsing for our big holiday number last year, Sandy told Mom and I that she and Neal were expecting their first little one and we were absolutely thrilled.  Now that Alyssa is almost here and Sandy is really showing (she’s due on my birthday, May 13) we decided to get some photos.

The weather this weekend was not cooperating with our original plans to take photos in a sun drenched field, so we decided to take some photos around Sandy and Neal’s beautiful home.  I actually really love taking maternity photos this way because we have easy access to changes of clothes, and because it tends to make for a more personal photo shoot, capturing a little piece of a family’s real life.  The sun drenched field will just have to wait.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day.


Neal and Sandy – I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with both of you.  I love seeing the strong connection between you two and am so pleased that we were able to capture a small piece of that connection in these photos.  Alyssa is a lucky little girl to be able to grow up in a home filled with so much love.