Elizabeth and Brian: Love, Sweet Love

Sweet.  The word has quite a few definitions, and at the risk of being a bit corny (sorry Brian) I’m going to have to say that Elizabeth and Brian’s celebration at the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Inn was packed full of “sweet”.

Let’s start with Elizabeth and Brian and their relationship.  I liked Liz from the moment I met her at the Bridal Bazaar.  Of course she’s gorgeous – what photographer wouldn’t want to work with her?  But it was her contagious excitement and positive energy that hooked me, making me feel just as excited about the prospect of photographing her wedding.  Then when we met Brian, it only solidified our positive feelings about these two and just how great their day would be.  We weren’t disappointed.  The two of them really look out for each other – they laugh a lot and together really are… well… sweet.  I know there are probably better adjectives to use here, but I’m working on a theme so please bear with me *wink*.

And the sweet continued from there with the thoughtful details that Elizabeth worked so hard to pull together – and of course, as you’ll see later, there were the deliciously sweet treats that Elizabeth’s talented sister Samantha made for their guests.  Those white chocolate covered green apples by the way… awesome!

I hope you enjoy the photos of their day as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

Notice the hearts? :-)

Bradley, of Fun with Jack, is truly an artist and he worked tirelessly to surround Elizabeth and Brian with the rich color and whimsical details that set the mood of the day.  Look at the combination of flowers in this bridal bouquet – absolutely exquisite (I especially liked the dark purple orchids).

Is it just me or do they all look like models?  And I have to say, even before hair and make up, this is one beautiful group of ladies (they’re fun too).

Okay – back on that sweet theme, take a look at the “arrangement” that Elizabeth put together for the boys’ room.

And here she is in her dress.  Elizabeth – photographing you was just so much fun.  You’re such a beautiful model and so easy going.

Elizabeth and Brian had this setup on on their list of photographs they would like taken that day – I absolutely love it!

More of Bradley’s beautiful work

Just married!!

The ladies ingeniously use a the water from a fountain to freshen up their flowers

Those are some impressively high jumps, ladies!

And once the shoes came off I don’t think they wanted to put them back on again.  Fortunately Elizabeth had thought ahead.

So romantic – you two are so great together.

So earlier I mentioned the sweets table.  There were so many details to photograph it was tough choosing the ones to post – but this should give you the basic idea.  Oh, and they didn’t just look pretty either – they were delicious!

I ended up having one of these apples.  You know – they were so good I think I just might try to make some later today.

And they’re off… to Jamaica!

Elizabeth and Brian – thank you so much for letting Dad and I help you to capture your celebration.  Sometimes when people are as outwardly attractive as you two are you worry that their attitudes might be… let’s just say less attractive.  With you two – it’s ALL there.  You’re a beautiful couple – but so so much more importantly, the things that will stick with you as you grow old together; your support of each other, your fun loving attitudes, and once again your sweetness – are all so obviously a huge part of who you are and what will make up your long and happy life together.

Congratulations – and we hope you had an outstanding time in Jamaica!