Ottawa in Summertime

Once in a while, I take trips to Ottawa, Canada for work.  I rarely get a chance to get out and enjoy the surroundings of what is really a gorgeous city.  This time, my friend Kat brought me out to a few of the local landmarks for an afternoon shoot.  Thanks Kat!

Our first stop was the MacKenzie King Estate.  MacKinzie King was Canada’s tenth  Prime Minister (in the 1920’s-1940’s).  He owned some stunning property in the Gatineu Hills.  Half of the grounds were shut down for repairs, but we still had the opportunity to explore a little and take a few photos of the grounds surrounding the Moorside Tearoom.

The next stop was the Museum of Civilization, where we got some photos of Parliament from across the river, before the sun went down.  Just LOVE the architecture of this site.

A view of Parliament

Later that evening