A Tuscan Dinner in San Diego

Last night Mike and Christina had a few friends over for a “Tuscan dinner”.  Dick and I often have dinners with these two and they always have a way of making even the most simple meals special.  I think it’s the love they put into cooking for their guests.  Anyway – as soon as I knew that this dinner would have such an Italian theme, I suspected that the experience would look like a spread out of Sunset Magazine.  I wasn’t disappointed!

Italian wine.  And are those crustinis on the way?

So delicious!

“Guiltless” cookie dough spread.  So how does one make cookie dough spread “guiltless” you ask?  Garbonzo beans!!  I kid you not.  And I swear, if you hadn’t been told you wouldn’t guess it.  Way too yummy.

Dick enjoys some crustini.

Thank you again Mike and Christina for a delicious and delightful evening.  It was great to meet some new people and enjoy such tasty food.