Ilia’s Expecting!

I’m always happy to hear from former brides and I was was absolutely delighted when Ilia asked me to take her maternity photos.  Next month Ilia will be welcoming a new family member into her beautiful home in Ranch Santa Fe.  She’s renovating the property in the late months of her term – and she’s not quite sure whether  the baby or the completed baby’s room will come first.  But this lady is one of the strongest, most independent women I’ve met.  Whether or not the house is done in time, it’s a beautiful place to bring home a new baby boy and Ilia will be a great mommy.

Ilia’s mom had the fantastic idea for Ilia’s sister, Alexa, to join in on the photos.  As it turns out, Alexis is also expecting!

We took a short walk down to the barn to play with the dog and take a few more photos.

Ilia – it was a lot of fun photographing you in your beautiful home.  I truly admire your strength.  I hope that I can come back one day to photograph your expanded family and see your finished property.