Andrea and Raphael : Balboa Park on a Summer afternoon

I don’t want to be shallow or anything, but I have to say that before they even said anything I hoped I’d have the opportunity to photograph Andrea and Raphael’s wedding.  These two are a very physically attractive couple and any photographer would be lucky to have a session with them.  But then they started talking… and I liked them even more!

These two decided to have their engagement session in Balboa Park in San Diego.  I really enjoy photographing couples at the park because there are so many different options for locations and moods. We were surprised at how busy the park was on a weeknight – but really, we shouldn’t have been. It was a gorgeous summer afternoon, and everyone was outside enjoying all of the live music and other entertainers lining the Prado.

See what I mean?  Gorgeous!

Stunning, yet so relaxed and natural together.  What a beautiful combination and a great couple to spend the afternoon with.  Can hardly wait for the wedding, you two!