Our Korean Adventure Day 2 – Exploring Suwon

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up to sunshine and decided to spend more time exploring the area. Kevin and Michelle were busy with a wedding photoshoot so they weren’t able to join us today.

Pete and Melissa didn’t make it to the hotel restaurant in time for breakfast, so we found a delicious alternative nearby – Coffee Knock.  And look – it’s not ALL traditional Korean food.

Next we meandered the streets of Suwon – looking for the fortress we had heard was worth seeing.

And it definitely was worth seeing!

The park was full of kids wanting to practice their english with us.

What’s this?  Archery?  Why not?

 Taking a break upstairs in the tea room.

Crossing a river as we continued to explore.

The Jidong Market – we came back to this spot multiple times.  It was a great glimpse of the local commerce.

We ran into another portion of the fortress and decided to take a quick look.

The view of the wall crossing the bridge, and the view looking back toward the market.

On the walk back