Korea Day 3 Part 2 – Seoraksan National Park

After our visit to the DMZ, we had a delicious traditional Korean meal, then made our way to the beautiful Seoraksan National Park.  The jagged mountains and fall leaves were breathtaking!  We later learned that Michelle’s parents came here for their honeymoon, which made the location feel even more special.

Dick and Pete enjoying the attraction — wonder what that says??

The boys draw a few looks from other tourists.

Beautiful Melissa!

Notice the wires for the gondola – we’ll be riding it shortly.

Kristin and Craig check out the shopping (and beer) situation.

We had just settled down to wait for our gondola departure time with a few beers when Mel and I decided to explore what was beyond this elaborate gate.

Some of the detail under the gate.

Turns out this was the gate to the Sinheungsa Temple.  On the path to the temple (which we never got to) we were shocked to see a huge statue which I later learned is called the “Bronze Jwabul Statue”.  The statue towered over the crowd at over 10 meters high.

Tiles near the statue, apparently purchased by tourists / worshipers.

As I briefly mentioned, we never made it to the actual temple – seeing the statue was awe inspiring enough.  Then it was time to take our ride up the mountain.  Here is a view from inside the gondola car.

And once at the top…

Our crowd enjoys some hot coffee in the brisk air.

Michelle captures the moment.

Kevin takes it in.

A beautiful family.

Kevin’s clan.

As we return, the crowd waits for the next ride up.  We were waving at them, but notice not a single one of them waved back.  Maybe they thought we were waving to someone behind them?

Mrs. Kim poses adorably.