Swimming in Idaho!

My nephew Nathan has been swimming for a year now and, according to his coach (not to mention a local news station!) he shows a lot of promise, especially considering the fact that he is relatively new to the sport.  We’re so proud of him!  And now Caitlin, who is five years younger, wants a piece of the action and just started swimming herself.  Dick and I were excited to be there to see the two of them swim in the Boise Thanksgiving Invitational… and of course we brought our cameras.  This was Caitlin’s first swim meet and she did a fantastic job.

Friday night Nathan swam his first 500 y freestyle.  Nicely done!

Saturday – Caitlin is all warmed up and ready for her first event ever.

Just about to swim freestyle as part of her relay team

Look at her go!

The team gets some coaching after their heat is done.

Way to go, girl!  :-)

Now for her first solo event – breast stroke

Taking a quick breath before finishing the lap

And now Nathan prepares for one of MANY events that he swam on Saturday

We don’t know this kid, but I had to get the shot anyway

More photos of the swimmers on Sunday – Caitlin swimming freestyle

One of Caitlin’s team mates prepares to start her lap

Just look at that determination!

And the result!  (Nathan checks out the score board)

Beautifully done!

At the end of an event filled weekend, we head back to the house.  Nathan and Caitlin demonstrate that they have the most mellow cats ever.

Dick and I had a great time with the family that weekend.  The kids are growing up so fast – we’re so happy we were able to see them in action (quite literally).  Looking forward to doing it again really soon!