Erin and Garrett – Etiwanda Gardens

When we are given the opportunity to photograph a couple’s most special day, we spend a lot of time with them and often get to know them pretty well.  After all, few people besides the photographers get the all access, back stage pass to the wedding that we do.  And when we’re lucky, we become friends and their personal family photographers as a result, being asked back in following years for maternity photos or family photos.

Last year, Dad photographed Ron and Jules on their big day and things went so well that when it was time for Ron’s son Garrett to get married to Erin, we were asked to be part of that celebration as well.  We drove up to Rancho Cucamonga, California early that Saturday morning and enjoyed getting to know the bride and groom better as they leisurely prepared for their big day surrounded by family and close friends.  Then we all headed to Etiwanda Gardens for the ceremony and festivities afterwards.

Imagine how excited I was when I asked to take photos of the rings and this adorable box was presented!  So sweet!

Not long ago Erin lost her father but she kept a special photo close by.

Look at the way these two looked at each other during the ceremony.  They’re just so happy to be together!

Just married!  Yay!  *grin*

What a beautiful bride – such a pretty smile Erin!

Garrett’s baby sister was the flower girl.

I loved the way the cake was so dramatically lit.  So unique!

These were the boards and magnets used to hold the seating charts – I thought they made a cool backdrop for rings.  :-)

Oh yes, they ABSOLUTELY are doing the Macarena!

Get down Garrett!!

New sisters in law!  You’re next lady!  ;-)

Erin and Garrett – it was so much fun spending the day with the two of you and your families and friends.  Not only were you two of the most easy going, laid back people to work with, you guys really know how to throw a great party and we were so happy to be able to be part of it!  Thank you so much!

(Ron and Jules – thank you so much for thinking of us!!)