Megan and Philip: Summer sunset in Balboa Park

What a great afternoon this was in so many ways!  This was the first time I’d met Megan and Philip in person, so you can imagine how pleased I was when these two bright, beautiful people appeared at our meeting place near the Rubin H Fleet fountain in Balboa Park.  Then the afternoon just kept getting better as we laughed our way through a really fun engagement shoot, filled with San Diego landmarks and romantic ‘golden hour’ light.  Enjoy!

Megan and Philip were engaged in Monet’s Garden in France so water lilies have special significance for them.  We were happy to catch a few blooms in the park this afternoon.

A little dramatic sunset lighting…

You two are such a beautiful couple – I can hardly wait for your big day!!

Thank you two for asking us to photograph your wedding.  Again, I can hardly wait!