Liya and Jed: Hollywood glamour meets rock n roll

It’s a modern love story.  Fed up with the dating scene she opened the account.  At this point, she knew what she wanted (and more clearly what she did not want) and laid it all out, loud and clear, in her profile.  At first this approach didn’t have the results she’d hoped for and after turning down multiple jerks, and deleting more than enough negative comments, she was just about to cancel her membership… when she found his note in her spam folder.  This one had promise.

Next step was to introduce him to her little girl, and when Emma (who never shares her food) offered him a bite and called him “Jeddy” she was sure he was a keeper.  The rest was history as they say.

So – what was the wedding like?  Take one part Marilyn Monroe, add in a little rock n roll, throw in a twist of San Diego coastal sunshine, and you’ll come pretty close to describing this celebration.  These two, and their families, had a great time at the beautiful Bali Hai in San Diego and we were so happy to have been there to help capture it.

Liya had selected adorable shoes both for the ceremony and reception.  The reception shoes on the right, she says, are the comfortable ones.  ;-)

Can we say pin-up?

Q: are you a kitty cat?
A: no!  I’m a person.

What little girl wouldn’t want to try a walk in those shoes?!

Love the hydrangea bouquets – so unique!

Liya asked that the flowers in the bouquet form a heart shape.  So cute!

There are no words…

I bet this photo with her brother turned out great!

More photos of our stunning bride.

Now – I have to comment in advance – the cake artistry here was so exquisite that I’m going to show you several photos.  Easily amazing enough to win any TV cake making contest as far as I’m concerned.

The base of the cake, surrounded by “sand” made of sugar and other sweets, included this piece of “drift wood”.  The word “flikov”, I’m told, is one that Liya and Jed made up when they were dating but not ready to use the L-word yet.  So this was an abbreviation for “feels like in love” — so sweet!  (literally)

Liya and Jed – we had such a great time with you two and are so happy we were able to help you celebrate such a beautiful and special day.  Thank you for asking us to be part of it.  We wish you all the best on your journey together and know that it will be one full of passion and laughter.