Megan & Philip’s Belle Marie Winery Celebration

I had such a great time taking Megan and Philip’s engagement photos in Balboa Park earlier this year.  They were so much fun together, and we laughed through the entire session as we walked through the park capturing happy moments.  I could hardly wait to photograph the big day.

An appreciation for good wine, a recent trip to Paris, and… yes an affinity for the Oregon Ducks, were all inspirations for this unique, and very personal celebration.

Megan and her bridesmaids prepared for the big day in a beautiful villa at Welk Resorts in Escondido, California.  Then they celebrated with friends and family with a ceremony and reception at the Belle Marie Winery nearby.  Both venues were truly unique and, as I had hoped and anticipated, we had a great time photographing the festivities!

Megan personalized her ceremony shoes with a little wedding themed bling. :-)

And then she showed me her homage to the Ducks with her reception shoes.  Fantastic!

After the ladies were ready to go, we met the boys at the golf course on site and took some group photos.  The two didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony so they opted to take a few photos without looking at each other.

We decided to call this pose “the Meghan” because my cousin Meghan was the first to suggest the idea to us.  When Megan and Philip were interested in doing it, we were thrilled.  How fun!

The bridal party was chauffeured to the venue in classic cars and, while the two still hadn’t seen each other, they didn’t want to miss the photo op.  So we carefully got them into the car for a few photos (but they swear they never peeked).

Yay!  Just married!

A little bubble blowing while we rounded up people for group photos.

Megan’s dad got in on the action.

The reception was held downstairs in “the cave”.  Designed for wine storage, this cellar environment made for a unique and memorable location for the party.

A lovely France/Monet inspired cake.

… another Ducks reference!

Just as Megan and Philip start the first dance, DJ Guy added to the ambience with a dreamy mist.

Megan and Philip – it was so much fun working with the two of you – I just love the way you both light up when you’re together.  And from what I’ve gleaned about the two of you so far, your celebration seemed to be a perfect representation of your combined tastes and interests.  And really, a celebration of who you are together is what this is all about isn’t it?  Thank you so much for asking us to help you capture such a unique and beautiful day.  And, raising my virtual wine glass in a toast to you, here’s to the beginning of a life together that is every bit as unique and beautiful.  Congratulations!!