Alicia and Jason – tropical garden elegance

I’ve looked forward to Alicia and Jason’s wedding since I met with them in my living room several months ago.  Then, when Dad and I had such a fantastic shoot with them in Balboa Park, we looked forward to the big day even more.  Not only is this a beautiful couple, but they are a lot of fun to work with as well.

Alicia and Jason were married at the beautiful Grand Tradition Arbor Terrace in Fallbrook, California.  The use of arrangements of orchids and roses blended in with the location’s already beautiful tropical richness without detracting from it.  From Alicia’s ring, to table settings, to her perfect wedding gown, everything about this day exuded simple elegance.

Jason and his best man test the parasols.  (thanks for taking this shot, guys!)

I couldn’t resist taking and posting this photo.  It is such a perfect example of the time we live in, that so many are capturing the same moment.

Alicia was such a beautiful bride!

The first dance.

Alicia and Jason – I know I’ve said this to you in person at least once, but once again, thank you for asking us to help capture such a beautiful and fun time in your lives.  From the Balboa Park session to your wedding, working with the two of you has been such a pleasure.  You two are definitely a class act, yet still a whole lot of fun!  I wish you all the best and have no doubt that you will enjoy a long and happy life together!