‘Happy Everything!’ family photos in Poway

I photographed Alex, Jeremy and little Zoe for the first time back in 2011 and was so excited to, once again, capture the giggles and smiles of this beautiful family.  We started off at the house – where we captured some fun photos in a comfortable setting.

Zoe was kind enough to include me in her lovely tea party.

We had a really nice visit and catch-up while we enjoyed a delicious lunch that Alex prepared for us.  Then we trekked over to Old Poway Park for some more photos.  Wow – was this place packed full of families and photographers!  And on a Monday!  But I digress…  As you’ll see, the setting is beautiful, so it’s really no big surprise we weren’t the only ones there.

Is it really possible to get more attractive with age?  Beautiful you two!

… and still in love

And then a few more against the painted walls across the street from the park.  Just ‘adorbs’ as the kids say.