What about black & white? More photos of Kimberly and Colin

In the olden days, when wedding photographers used film, one of the questions that was frequently asked was “do you shoot both color and black and white?”  Of course today, with digital photography, things have changed a bit and people rarely ask about black and white because any photo can be a black and white photo after the fact.  But that said, some photos lend themselves to black and white more than others.

Often I’ll look at a photo and will immediately determine that it would look best in black and white.  Perhaps this is because the shadows are particularly striking, or because when seen black and white, the emotions of the individuals in the photos seem to come across better.  But then when it comes to putting together a blog post, I’ll remove those photos only because the black and white doesn’t work aesthetically with the flow of the other more colorful photos.  But there’s something special about those black and white photos.

Here are a few of my favorites from Kimberly and Colin’s wedding, which we just photographed last Saturday.

A moment of faith

I posted this one in color with the other wedding photos.  But I really like it in black and white too.