Loving Letterpress!

It was time to update our own business cards.  The photos we were using on our previous cards are now several years old and instead of replacing them with new photos, we decided to go with letterpress cards, highlighting our simple logo, and supporting the local letterpress craft.

There’s something super appealing to me about the look of a design stamped with foil onto paper.  And I love the look of the minor imperfections resulting from a process that is done by hand.  When I met with Tim at Quality Letterpress in San Diego to talk about our little business card project, he told me that back before digital, the goal of any press was to make sure there was no texture on the page.  Eventually the industrial presses were replaced with other methods of printing.  But then as people like Tim started to use the old presses, artists and designers started intentionally hitting the paper harder, causing the impression that gives the designs the unique feel and the extra depth unique to this process.

I really love the way the cards turned out!

And thank you Tim for getting these done for us in time for Bridal Bazaar next weekend!