Lyndell and Bill are engaged!

I love being able to take engagement photos. It’s a chance for all of us to get to know each other a little better before the wedding day, and it gives me the opportunity to capture the unique connection between a couple. I had so much fun with Lyndell and Bill on Coronado Island. And don’t let their good looks fool you – yes, they’re glamourous and beautiful, but they’re also a whole lot of silly fun… which I’m hoping you’ll see in these photos. :-)

Love those shoes!

Go teams!

Loved this fun way to share the date – getting married 4/26

And now it’s time for the boots!! :-)

We were lucky enough to head to the city side of the island just as a sea plane was taking off.  You don’t see that everyday!

At least Bill is impressed!

Lyndell and Bill – you two were fantastic! Dad and I are really looking forward to the big day!!