Welcome Baby Ashling

Yay! My cousin’s little girl arrived and last month I got to take some photos of her sweet little self. The goal for this session was to get a decent photograph of Ashling in an adorable mermaid costume so that Amy and Madison could give it to Madison’s dad as a gift (he loves mermaids).  And yes, mission accomplished. :-)

But before we got to that point that morning… Ashling started out a little fussy. This gave us a little time to photograph mommy in action. Amy is such a loving mother, and she and Madison have created such a happy and artistic home.

 And now… more adorable photos of Baby Ashling!  Just look at this heart melting smile!

LOVE this expression!

And a few sweet moments with the blanket.

After all that hard work, being so good for the camera, someone was all tuckered out. Time to relax with mommy for a bit.