A Tribute to Moms

As wedding photographers, we often stay in the background, quietly capturing candid and special moments throughout the day. And as you can imagine, we can’t help but end up with some great “mom moments”.  In honor of Mothers Day weekend, I thought I’d share a few of our recent favorites.  Please enjoy.

One of my very favorites – Jessica blocks the view to avoid tears of her own

We’ve seen a lot of personalized bride and bridesmaids hangers, but Brenda had a special hanger made for her mom.

Megan’s mom and sister get silly while preparing for the big day

Sun and Chris’ mothers were a beautiful part of their ceremony

Kim’s Dad has passed, so her mother had the honor of walking her down the aisle.

Melissa shares a special gift with her mom

Colin and his mom enjoy a fun moment while she pins on his boutonniere

And we can’t forget some of those sweet moments between some brides and their own children.  Liya’s daughter was a big part of the big day. Here she’s helping with makeup. :-)

Maria also was sure to include her boys in the festivities.

And of course, we can’t forget those mother and son dances. David and his mom are all smiles.

Colin and his mom enjoy a beautiful mother-son dance.

Kim and her mom dance to “Sweet Child of Mine”

And last but certainly not least, what started as a simple and sentimental dance between Chris and his mom broke into the silly fun of “Gangnam Style”.

Happy Mothers Day!!