Lana & David: Cabrillo Lighthouse and Old Town Engagement

He carefully selected the time and place to pop the question, but he wanted to pick the ring out with her to make sure she got exactly what she wanted. So, knowing she was a big Garfield fan, he planned to use this ring as a placeholder until they could select one together.  Now she treasures that Garfield ring just as much as the diamond ring that she eventually wore after saying “yes”.
Outgoing, friendly, relaxed, funny… and super in love, Lana and David could not have been better engagement photo subjects :-)  First we took a few photos of the dramatic view and lighthouse at the Cabrillo National Monument.

Oh Lana, behave!

Next we headed to Old Town, where silliness resumed, while we captured more fun and colorful photos.

Photos in a covered wagon? Why not!

“I have a great idea David, you should kiss that chicken…”

… I didn’t actually think he’d do it! :-)  Note to self: careful about my suggestions. These guys are game for anything.

Thanks Lana and David for such a fun session!  I can hardly wait for the big day!