Lana and David’s happy celebration at the Catamaran Resort Hotel

Oh sure, they laugh. They laugh a lot. They’re silly and fun, and at least from where I stand, laughing appears to be a cornerstone of who they are as a couple. Check out their engagement photos and I think you’ll agree. But when Lana walked down the aisle, all smiles, her eyes met David’s. There was no laughing now. It was as if everyone else disappeared, and the two of them were alone, having a conversation that the rest of us could only guess at: filled with pride at what a beautiful woman he is marrying, happy to be in this place at this time, concerned for her happiness during each step of her journey down the aisle. Sure, these two may be silly together, but don’t let that fool you, they are in some serious love!

David and Lana celebrated with their family and friends at the Catamaran Resort Hotel in San Diego. Their beautiful tropical and ocean-themed details looked as if they were made for the venue. And their coordinator, Roni, who helped Lana to pull it all together on the big day, made it all look effortless.


Lana and David – thank you so much for asking us to photograph your wedding. Few things are more rewarding than having the opportunity to capture real joy and laughter, and we had so much opportunity to do so with you two. What a great couple you two are, and what a privilege to be able to help you remember this beautiful day as you grow old together!