Janessa and Rob: expecting Amelia…

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between fine art photography and photography for clients (which is of course what I do).  When you take photos for clients, and categorize them by the kind of session you’re delivering (e.g. weddings, engagements, maternity, family) I think there can be the tendency to deliver similar photos to different clients within each category.  In fact, you’ve likely recently seen commentary poking fun at ‘standard photo shoots’ — the ‘standard’ engagement session where the man and woman switch roles in the photos, the ‘standard’ maternity photos using the husband instead of the expectant mother, the ‘standard’ baby photos taken of a dog instead of a baby. As a photographer, I find this commentary funny, and yet for me personally it is a reminder to avoid the temptation of ruts and the importance of creating something fresh and unique in each photo shoot.  Sure, if someone is asking for maternity photos, there are certain photos that they will want, and I absolutely want to take those for them.  But what makes each photo session unique are the clients, themselves. Getting to know them, and celebrating their uniqueness in a photo shoot, allows me to create truly unique and beautiful images – images that I would like to see of my own loved ones, that capture a special place and time.

I’ve been taking photos of Janessa since we first did a lifestyle shoot together in 2011, featuring thrift shopping and roller skates. And then she and Rob fell in love and I was able to photograph both their engagement session and then of course their wedding photos.  Over time I’ve loved being able to spend time with these two, getting to know them better.  So when it came time to take some photos of them during this exciting, pre-baby time, it was perfect that they chose to have the session in their home where we could capture these quiet little slices of life. I absolutely love the result, which I believe is truly reflective of who these two really are.  I hope you love them too.


and of course, because it’s Janessa, we had to fit in a little vintage glamor

da8c7-janessa_rob_m05 494f5-janessa_rob_m06

the adorable nursery – Amelia is a lucky little girl

janessa_rob_m07 janessa_rob_m08janessa_rob_m13 janessa_rob_m09 janessa_rob_m10 Janessa’s first attempt at crochet… impressive!

janessa_rob_m11 janessa_rob_m12 janessa_rob_m14 janessa_rob_m15

and then of course there are the other babies in the house

janessa_rob_m16b janessa_rob_m17 janessa_rob_m18b janessa_rob_m19b janessa_rob_m20

Janessa and Rob – I’m so excited for you two and I can hardly wait to meet Baby Amelia!  Baby photos coming soon…. :-)