Jazlynn + Olaf = pure happiness

It was their love of math that brought them together. Yes, you read that correctly.  They grew up in completely different parts of the world, both excelling at math, and fate brought them each to San Diego where they attended the same advanced program at SDSU.  After a field trip together with their instructor, the two fell in love. They have since maintained a long distance relationship while they lived an ocean apart from each other, but they persevered through the challenges and finally celebrated this happy day.  I, along with many others, am so happy they did!

This was a perfect celebration at the Martin Johnson House in La Jolla, Califorina.  Guests from all over the world were all smiles while they enjoyed the beautiful San Diego sunset and celebrated with a very happy bride and groom.  And as I think you’ll see in the photos, Jazlynn and Olaf are quite obviously in love and excited to be getting married.  This wedding, and all of the good feelings that we were able to capture in photos, are perfect examples of why I truly love having the opportunity to photograph weddings.  I hope you enjoy these happy memories as much as I do.

Jazlynn and her family got ready at a great rental condo at La Jolla Shores.

JazOla_06 JazOla_07 JazOla_08 JazOla_09 JazOla_10JazOla_11
At the venue, Olaf waits for the big moment, watching as guests arrive and take their seats
What a gorgeous bride!!

JazOla_13 JazOla_14

Jazlynn’s parents walk her into the ceremony together

JazOla_15 JazOla_16 JazOla_17

A good friend officiates a touching ceremony

JazOla_18 JazOla_19 JazOla_20 JazOla_21 JazOla_22 JazOla_23 JazOla_24 JazOla_25 JazOla_26JazOla_27

We took a quick trip to the Scripps pier to get some romantic photos of the happy couple.

JazOla_28 JazOla_29 JazOla_30 JazOla_31 JazOla_32 JazOla_33 JazOla_34 JazOla_35A little sunset romance

JazOla_37 JazOla_36
Remember I mentioned the math?  Guests had to solve math problems to find their tables. (they were pretty easy)

JazOla_38 JazOla_39 JazOla_40 JazOla_41 JazOla_42 JazOla_43 JazOla_44 JazOla_45 JazOla_46

Guests sign a map showing the long distance that separated Olaf and Jazlynn before they met and fell in love.

JazOla_47 JazOla_48 JazOla_49

And yes, they do know how to have a good time… as did their guests!

JazOla_50 JazOla_51 JazOla_52 JazOla_53 JazOla_54 JazOla_55

Jazlynn and Olaf – thank you so much for asking us to help you to remember this amazing day with photos.  We truly had such a great time with you and your loved ones.  It’s funny, I had a really difficult time picking out my favorites this time because there were so many beautiful, sweet moments between the two of you, I kept coming up with too many.  You two are fantastic and I’m so very happy to have met you both! I wish you all of the happiness and warmth in your marriage that I witnessed on this beautiful day.