Kauai Honeymoon… more fun photos of Tina and Clint

When we heard that Tina and Clint would be driving up the coast of Kauai to Hanalei for their honeymoon on the day after their wedding, we decided to take the opportunity to follow them on their trip, getting more fun photos of the happy couple on the way up.  Here are some of our favorite shots from this super fun all-day photo shoot with them!

If you’ve ever been to the south end of Kauai, you’ve driven through this tunnel of trees.  Having vacationed here a few times, we love the feeling of driving through this mile of trees – it’s how you know you’ve really arrived in this beautiful tropical paradise.  Tina and Clint felt the same way about the spot and wanted to get some photos here.

I’ll admit, it was a little dangerous… but we were super careful, and Dick was off to the side scouting for cars to make sure we didn’t get hurt.  I love the result!!

This spot was a special request from Tina and Clint.  In case you were wondering what is painted on this wall… this is a whale.

On our way up the coast we decided to stop at Dukes in Lihue and take a few photos in the cove there (which is right by the hotel where Dick and I were staying).  We enjoyed a little stroll on the beach.

And of course, you can’t stop at Duke’s without enjoying some of their delicious tropical cocktails (and lunch).

Dick and I had never been to the Marriott in Lihue, and were pleasantly surprised at the beautiful and lush gardens there.  Since we were right next door, we brought Tina and Clint in to get a few more shots.

Back on the road and on our way north, we stopped at one of the most breathtaking spots on the island, the Hanalei overlook.

silly Clint…

Then we headed down the hill into Hanalei.  If you’ve been here you’ve seen the single lane bridges – I thought I’d throw in a couple shots to give you the feel of our drive

And then we arrived at our destination, Hanalei Bay. The clouds and mountains were so beautifully dramatic and the perfect backdrop to these fun and romantic photos of these two.

I absolutely love being able to shoot with Dick.  He captures great behind the scenes moments.  And while I don’t usually post photos of myself, I thought it would be good to show some proof that I really was working… :-)  (thanks monkey)

And a short walk out onto the pier…


Mission accomplished!!  Now it was time to celebrate before turning in for the night.  So we enjoyed some delicious appetizers and drinks at the Hanalei Dolphin Restaurant with the newlyweds.

tincli_h28 tincli_h29