Tina and Clint: Stone Brewery reception

Tina and Clint’s wedding was absolutely perfect – and offered all of the beauty and romance that Kauai has to offer.  But of course, because of the long trip away, not all of their loved ones were able to attend the celebration.  So they decided to hold a formal reception at one of the coolest wedding venues in San Diego, Stone Brewery Liberty Station.

It was so amazing for Tina and Clint to invite us, not as photographers, but as guests.  And they even tried to insist that we not bring cameras because they didn’t want us to feel like we had to work.  But Dick and I simply couldn’t resist getting a few photos of the event.  We just brought along one camera and one lens – here are our favorites.

Mmmmm… drink tokens for Stone Brewery

Just a few of many faces of the adorable Tina

and her lovely bridesmaids

oh, behave ladies!!

And just to prove that we really were only there as guests, here’s Dick holding my drink for me

As it got darker we were really wishing we had brought all of our professional equipment!  These may not be the most impressive photos technically, but I just had to post these shots of Tina and Clint’s first dance.

Thank you so much, Clint and Tina, for asking us to be your wedding photographers and for inviting us to be guests at your beautiful reception.  It was such an honor to be part of these amazing events and we hope the photos are the first of many that we take of your new, happy family!

We love you guys!!  – Julie & Dick