Jennifer and Alfonso: class, warmth, and a great party

As a photographer, there is no greater compliment than to have someone ask me to photograph their wedding.  Sure, my friends will always be encouraging, but when they respect what I do enough to trust their own important memories with me – well, that is a real honor – and one for which I am so grateful.  Thank you Alfonso, my friend of almost ten years, for thinking of me when you and Jenn planned this beautiful event.  But… this isn’t about me now is it… :-)

In the years that I have known Alfonso, I’ve learned a few things about him.  He sets ambitious goals and works tenaciously to achieve them.  He is dedicated to quality and expects that same dedication in others.  He prefers directness to fluff, and economizes his own words.  You’ll rarely receive an email from him that is more than three sentences.  But he is not all work and seriousness.  Alfonso enjoys the fine things in life: from his love of an excellent bottle of wine to his impeccable taste in clothing.  He loves telling stories, re-living his favorite moments in life.  He loves to be shocked into laughter by his crazy and humorous friends.  He loves a good party and great music.  And now that I have seen the two together, it is clear that, above all, he is completely smitten with and dedicated to his fabulously beautiful and intelligent wife, Jennifer.  And who can blame him.

Jennifer is gorgeous, funny, and warm.  And sure, they have a lot of shared interests, which is great.  But after spending some time with the two of them them together, I love seeing that she really seems to get him.  She appreciates and respects his best qualities, and she is amused by his quirks (… uhm, not that there are any, Alfonso).  As I’m sure you’ll see in these photos, they look at each other with nothing but complete adoration, and that is everything.  I couldn’t be happier that they found each other.

Their wedding was held at the gorgeous Vista Valley Country Club, where Jennifer’s parents are members.  The venue has very recently been renovated for weddings and it is really quite stunning.  Enjoy!

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Jennifer shows us her “something old” – grandma’s ring

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Meanwhile, the boys were playing a round of golf (check out Dad’s blog for photos)

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What an angel!  Alfonso is a very lucky man.

We ushered Jenn into the club and had Alfonso wait outside for their “first look”.  The first look is a great way to capture that special moment when they see each other for the first time that day, while also giving us a little extra time for more photos of just the two of them before the ceremony.

Alfonso nervously waits for his bride.

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a quick stop at the Wedding Garden to get a few more photos before guests arrive

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And now the ceremony is about to begin.

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Absolutely perfect for a November wedding, the elegant venue was decorated with linens of seafoam green and persimmon orange accents.

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Jenn and Alfonso – once again, I couldn’t be happier for you two, or more honored that you asked us to photograph your wedding.  It was such a beautiful event, and I am thrilled that I was able to be there to witness the beginning of this chapter in your lives.  All my love and congratulations!