Jamie and Brad: playful Poway Lake engagement photos

Jamie and Brad first dated in the late 80’s when they attended Poway High School.  Of course, that teenage romance ended, as they often do, and the two drifted apart.  Each of them then started families of their own.  But now, thanks to social media, they were drawn together again years later, and are planning to be married in Poway on Valentine’s Day.

I am so happy that Jamie found us on Yelp.  When we talked on the phone we immediately hit it off and as you’ll see in these photos, we pretty much laughed through their entire engagement shoot at beautiful Poway Lake.  I can hardly wait for the wedding in a couple weeks!

I told them to pretend they were trees.  And they did!!  :-)


Some photo sequences just scream to be turned into gif’s

Next – because their wedding venue was literally between Poway Lake and my house, we stopped by to take a look.  I couldn’t resist getting a shot of them in front of the attached preschool (and did a little customization of one of the crayons).

Truly you two – that was soo much fun!!  We’re going to have a great time on the 14th!!