Sarah and Eric: an intimate Newport Beach celebration

It was the day before the ceremony. Sarah and Eric still had not heard from the photographer that they booked several months earlier, and they weren’t able to track him down.  As scary as this story may be to anyone who has planned a wedding, this one has a happy ending.  Our mutual friend Jeff contacted me on Sarah’s behalf, Sarah and I briefly talked on the phone, and the next day Dick and I drove up to Newport Beach to photograph Sarah and Eric’s beautiful day. We are just so happy that we were available and able to make it work.

Sarah and Eric met while working together as High School marching band faculty. As I understand it, they weren’t yet dating, but the kids thought they were already a couple.  Eventually, they started seeing each other and now, here they are. You’ll be able to see in the photos what fun people these two are, and what a great connection they share.  It was truly a treat being able to capture these moments for them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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