Abbie and Brian: later that evening, a little drama

After the boat pulled back into the harbor, and the guests went their separate ways, Dad and I were fortunate to be able to spend a little more time with the gorgeous newlyweds, taking photos around Coronado Island.

As I mentioned in the last post, Van Tran was there to touch up Abbie’s hair and makeup before our little newlywed photo shoot that evening, so she looked as fresh as she did that morning.

abbbri_068 abbbri_069

First stop on our evening of beautiful photography destinations: Starbucks in Coronado. I’m happy to say that they treated our bride and groom to beverages on the house. :-) Thanks Starbucks!

abbbri_070 abbbri_071 abbbri_072 abbbri_073 abbbri_074 abbbri_075 abbbri_076 abbbri_077 abbbri_078 abbbri_079 abbbri_080 abbbri_081 abbbri_082 abbbri_083 abbbri_084 abbbri_085 abbbri_086 abbbri_087 abbbri_088 abbbri_089 abbbri_090 abbbri_091 abbbri_092 abbbri_093 abbbri_094 abbbri_095 abbbri_096 abbbri_097 abbbri_098 abbbri_099 abbbri_100 abbbri_101 abbbri_102 abbbri_103 abbbri_104 abbbri_105

Abbie and Brian – you already know it but I’ll say it again. Dad and I have SO enjoyed getting to know you and taking these photos with you! What a fun day we had – and I really love the dramatic and romantic images that we were able to capture as a result. I hope you love them as much as we do.

I’m hoping we see more of you two – perhaps to do some photography together, or even just to catch up.  We are just so happy we were able to work with you and we thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to capture such a beautiful day and evening.