Abbie and Brian: a sunny San Diego celebration

A beautiful bride, a handsome groom, a bright sunny day, the sparkling bay, happy friends and family – you really couldn’t ask for a more ‘San Diego’ celebration.

When Abbie and Brian attended the San Diego Bridal Bazaar earlier this year their wedding was barely over a month away and they were on a mission to find a photographer. They were making their way through the last of the vendors and their eyes were glazed over after having spoken with so many people that day. I feel so fortunate that they stopped by to talk with me and that we were available on their wedding day.  Shortly after, we scheduled a meeting for them to spend a little more time with us, and to meet Dad (since he hadn’t attended the event). When we met with them, what is usually a one-hour conversation with prospective clients turned into three hours – and I’m not even exaggerating a little bit. Abbie enjoys photography herself, so we talked quite a bit about that. Dad served on a submarine in his youth, as does Brian now. The time just flew as we enjoyed one conversation after the next with these two. And of course, we were thrilled when they asked us to be their photographers.

I really loved this wedding. Abbie and Brian got ready for the big day at a rental near downtown, then their family and friends all met down at the water on the beautiful 85ft yacht, the Emerald Hornblower for a mid-day cruise around our lovely city.

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Abbie’s hair and makeup were done by Van of Vanity SD. Van and her boyfriend Jaden of Jaden H Cinematography offer a package where she will stay and do touch-ups throughout the day if the bride and groom hire him as their videographer. Here Van is transitioning Abbie’s hair to an up-do after the ceremony, which was really beautiful, and perfect for the windier parts of the day.

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