Jaclyn and Andre: a little romance in Coronado

I’m pretty sure these photos prove that, even after 10 years together, Jaclyn and Andre are just as in love as ever.  I had so much fun with the two of them in Coronado while we laughed and also took a few photos. ;-)  I can hardly wait for their wedding later this year!

JaclynAndre_01 JaclynAndre_02 JaclynAndre_04 JaclynAndre_05 JaclynAndre_06 JaclynAndre_07 JaclynAndre_08 JaclynAndre_09 JaclynAndre_10 JaclynAndre_11 JaclynAndre_16 JaclynAndre_17 JaclynAndre_18 JaclynAndre_19 JaclynAndre_20 JaclynAndre_21 JaclynAndre_22 JaclynAndre_23 JaclynAndre_24 JaclynAndre_25 JaclynAndre_26 JaclynAndre_27 JaclynAndre_28 JaclynAndre_30 JaclynAndre_31 JaclynAndre_32 JaclynAndre_33 JaclynAndre_36 JaclynAndre_37 JaclynAndre_38 JaclynAndre_39 JaclynAndre_40 JaclynAndre_41 JaclynAndre_42 JaclynAndre_43 JaclynAndre_44 JaclynAndre_45 JaclynAndre_46 JaclynAndre_47 JaclynAndre_50 JaclynAndre_54 JaclynAndre_52 JaclynAndre_55 JaclynAndre_57 JaclynAndre_59 JaclynAndre_60 JaclynAndre_61 JaclynAndre_62 JaclynAndre_63 JaclynAndre_64 JaclynAndre_65 JaclynAndre_66 JaclynAndre_67 JaclynAndre_68 JaclynAndre_69 JaclynAndre_70