Liz and Chris: classic elegance in La Jolla

I was so looking forward to Liz and Chris’ wedding after having had such a great time with them on their engagement shoot. Liz and Chris met at IU where they both were into cycling. I suppose it’s not surprising that a couple who met while doing something fun would also have a fun connection. They play together – they laugh together – they clearly like each other.  Their wedding absolutely reflected this, and meeting their guests showed us that both of them come from families who also know how to have a great time. This was truly a great day.

Liz and Chris were married at the beautiful La Jolla Women’s Club. But first, they got ready at a rental and hotel room nearby.

I can’t say enough about how much I love Liz’s dress. She looked so classic. I could only think of Grace Kelly (for those of you familiar, I don’t mean her actual wedding dress, but her overall style). Liz, with her hair pulled back into a low bun, simple and fresh makeup, and one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve seen, looked amazing on her wedding day.

lizchrblog_001 lizchrblog_002 lizchrblog_003 lizchrblog_004


And Chris, in his Officer Dress Blues, didn’t look too bad either.

lizchrblog_005 lizchrblog_006
lizchrblog_008 lizchrblog_009 lizchrblog_010 lizchrblog_011 lizchrblog_012 lizchrblog_013

A classic, beautiful bridelizchrblog_014 lizchrblog_015 lizchrblog_016 lizchrblog_017

Liz and Chris decided to capture a ‘first look’ before the ceremony so we could spend a little time taking photos of just the two of them.

lizchrblog_018 lizchrblog_019 lizchrblog_020 lizchrblog_021 lizchrblog_022 lizchrblog_023 lizchrblog_024 lizchrblog_025 lizchrblog_026… and another first look with her dad
lizchrblog_027 lizchrblog_028 lizchrblog_029 lizchrblog_030Now off to the beach for a few photoslizchrblog_032 lizchrblog_033 lizchrblog_034 lizchrblog_035 lizchrblog_036 lizchrblog_037 lizchrblog_039 lizchrblog_040 lizchrblog_041 lizchrblog_042 lizchrblog_043 lizchrblog_044 lizchrblog_045 lizchrblog_046lizchrblog_047 lizchrblog_048 lizchrblog_049 lizchrblog_050 lizchrblog_051 lizchrblog_052 lizchrblog_053 lizchrblog_054 lizchrblog_055The flowers on the grounds of the La Jolla Women’s club were in full bloomlizchrblog_056 lizchrblog_057 lizchrblog_059 lizchrblog_058lizchrblog_060 lizchrblog_061 lizchrblog_062 lizchrblog_063 lizchrblog_064 lizchrblog_065 lizchrblog_066 That’s right – the dress had pockets! A perfect place to keep her vows.lizchrblog_067 lizchrblog_068 lizchrblog_069 lizchrblog_070 Wine box ceremony: Liz and Chris both wrote personal notes to each other and placed them in the box with the wine. The idea is that they will enjoy the wine and read them to each other on their first anniversary.lizchrblog_071 lizchrblog_072 lizchrblog_073 lizchrblog_074 lizchrblog_075 lizchrblog_076 lizchrblog_077 lizchrblog_078 lizchrblog_079 lizchrblog_080 lizchrblog_081 lizchrblog_082 lizchrblog_083 lizchrblog_084 lizchrblog_085 lizchrblog_086 lizchrblog_087 lizchrblog_088 lizchrblog_089 lizchrblog_091 lizchrblog_092 lizchrblog_093 lizchrblog_094 lizchrblog_095 lizchrblog_096 lizchrblog_097 lizchrblog_098 lizchrblog_099 lizchrblog_100 lizchrblog_101 lizchrblog_102 lizchrblog_103 lizchrblog_104 lizchrblog_105 lizchrblog_106 lizchrblog_107 lizchrblog_108 lizchrblog_109 lizchrblog_110 lizchrblog_111 lizchrblog_112 lizchrblog_113 lizchrblog_114 lizchrblog_115 lizchrblog_116 lizchrblog_117 lizchrblog_118 lizchrblog_119 lizchrblog_120 lizchrblog_121 lizchrblog_122 lizchrblog_123 lizchrblog_124 lizchrblog_125 lizchrblog_126 lizchrblog_127 lizchrblog_128 lizchrblog_129 lizchrblog_130 lizchrblog_131 lizchrblog_132