Laci turns one: family photos in Bonsall

A few years back, Dad and I had the great fortune to meet Elizabeth and Brian when we photographed their wedding. Later, I was delighted when I got the call that they were expecting Baby Laci and were interested in maternity photos.  Months later, their beautiful little girl arrived and I was able to get some beautiful baby photos when she was only days old.

As a photographer, nothing makes me happier than having the ability to connect with people and capture unique and special moments. In the case of this brand new family, I don’t think I can effectively put into words what a joy and privilege it has been to be able to help them record such a special time in their lives.

Now Laci is turning a year old and once again, I headed up to their home in Bonsall to take some family photos. This time, Elizabeth chose an abandoned golf course-turned-meadow and I couldn’t have been happier with the location. And of course, as always, the family themselves were fantastic to work with. Laci is so happy and attentive, and Elizabeth and Brian clearly adore her to pieces. What a delightful afternoon with them. I really hope you love these photos as much as I do! So gosh darn cute!!!

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Want to see more photos of this beautiful family?  Check out this SLIDESHOW: a walk with Laci

Elizabeth, Brian, and Laci – as always it has been such a pleasure.  Thank you so much for inviting me into your lives to capture these beautiful moments!