Laci’s first birthday party

As you know if you’ve been following this blog, little Laci just turned one. Here is her adorable Little Mermaid themed birthday party.  I’m so happy I was able to make the time to head over to help capture the celebration!



Elizabeth’s sister Samantha is an extremely talented pastry chef. She put on an adorable and delicious spread!!laci1_blog_03 laci1_blog_04 laci1_blog_05 laci1_blog_06 laci1_blog_07 laci1_blog_08

Cupcakes complete with “dinglehoppers”laci1_blog_09 laci1_blog_10 laci1_blog_11 laci1_blog_12 laci1_blog_13 laci1_blog_14 laci1_blog_15 laci1_blog_16 laci1_blog_17 Well hello Hank!  :-)  I think somebody wants me to drop a fish stick.laci1_blog_18

… and NOW for moment we’ve been waiting for: the SMASH CAKE!! (again, beautifully made by Samantha)laci1_blog_19 laci1_blog_20 laci1_blog_21 laci1_blog_22 laci1_blog_23

After more dainty nibbling than smashing, Dad decided to jump in and show Laci how it’s done.laci1_blog_24

I’m not sure who is having more fun…

Yummy!  Purple is delicious!laci1_blog_26 laci1_blog_27 laci1_blog_28 laci1_blog_29 A happy reaction as loved ones sing Happy Birthday to Youlaci1_blog_30 laci1_blog_31 laci1_blog_32 laci1_blog_33 laci1_blog_34

Now that she’s all sugared-up, it’s time to play. She’s on a mission.laci1_blog_35 laci1_blog_36

Now for PRESENTS!!  There are a few here!laci1_blog_37 laci1_blog_38 laci1_blog_39 laci1_blog_40 laci1_blog_41

Grandma shared a few photos of a younger Brian…laci1_blog_42 laci1_blog_43

laci1_blog_44 laci1_blog_45 laci1_blog_46 laci1_blog_47 laci1_blog_48 laci1_blog_49 laci1_blog_50 laci1_blog_51 laci1_blog_52



Uh oh… someone’s starting to look a little sleepy…laci1_blog_55 laci1_blog_56

laci1_blog_57 laci1_blog_58 laci1_blog_59 laci1_blog_60