Elizabeth and Michael: a beautiful Spring celebration in New Jersey

They swiped right! You never know where you’re going to find true love.  We hear about people meeting and falling in love through online dating services all the time, but Tinder?  Really?  Yep!  And the rest is history!  What a gorgeous celebration for such a fabulous couple!

Elizabeth and her bridesmaids began their day at the bridal suite at the Sheraton in Eatontown, New Jersey.

elimic_01 elimic_02 elimic_03 elimic_04 elimic_05 elimic_06 Elizabeth had two gorgeous pairs of designer shoes and couldn’t choose between them, so she wore one pair for the ceremony and another for the reception.  And will you take a look at that flawless face??  What a beautiful bride!elimic_07 elimic_08 elimic_09

Meanwhile Michael and his groomsmen prepared for the big day at Elizabeth and Michael’s home nearby. 

elimic_11 A quick hello to ‘the kids’elimic_12The adjacent park was a great place to take some additional photos of the guys.
elimic_13 elimic_14 elimic_16 The ceremony was held at Church of the Nativity in Fair Haven.

Ah, we love these people!!  Michael’s mom, Deb, used to work with my mom. That’s how this family first met Dad.  He has been taking family photos of this gang for years.  He even took Michael’s High School senior photos a while back.  We so appreciate having been welcomed by this amazing crew.  And they’re a good looking bunch too, don’t you think?elimic_18

Check out these adorable programs.  Each one includes a strip of fun photos of Elizabeth and Michael – and notice that they’re all unique.

elimic_17Elizabeth and her bridesmaids arrived in style, just in time to walk down the aisle.elimic_19 elimic_21 elimic_22 elimic_23 elimic_24 elimic_25Aren’t they beautiful?
elimic_26 elimic_29 elimic_30elimic_31elimic_32 elimic_33 elimic_34 elimic_35

Next we took some formal photos at Riverside Gardens Park in Red Bank, just a few blocks away from the church.

elimic_36 As a photographer, it sure is nice when your subjects just so happen to look like models.elimic_37 elimic_38 elimic_39 A quick candid moment…elimic_40 elimic_41Mother and daughter – just stunning, ladies!
elimic_42 elimic_43 elimic_44 elimic_45 elimic_46 elimic_47 elimic_48 elimic_49 elimic_50 elimic_51 elimic_52 elimic_53 elimic_54 elimic_55 elimic_56 elimic_57

Next, a classic and glamorous party at Buona Sera Palozzo.

elimic_59 elimic_60 elimic_61 elimic_62 elimic_63 elimic_64 elimic_65 elimic_66 elimic_67 elimic_68 elimic_69 elimic_70 elimic_71 elimic_72 elimic_73 elimic_74 elimic_75 elimic_77 elimic_79 elimic_80

Now, I’m going to have to digress a little. Let’s talk about the food.  We’re not sure if it’s an east coast thing, or (probably) an Italian thing, as Elizabeth’s family is Italian, but we have been to a few weddings before and we have never, ever, seen so much food being served!  The guests practically had a full meal during the cocktail hour, before the reception even began.  A huge buffet bar, and a macaroni and cheese bar (I had mine with shrimp and lobster), are just a couple examples.

Then when the lovely multi-course meal was served inside, we couldn’t figure out how people were going to be able to eat it… but they did (and so did we).

As if that weren’t enough, once Elizabeth and Michael cut the cake, their guests weren’t just served wedding cake, but instead were treated to a whole dessert bar, including at least 10 different cakes and another 10 additional desserts.  I’m including a few photos here, but we could have blogged just about the food, there was so much.

elimic_81 elimic_82 elimic_83Oh, are cake and pastries not your thing?  No worries.  Here’s a huge candy bar too.elimic_84 elimic_85 elimic_86 elimic_87 Just in case you’re hungry when you leave, grab a full sized sandwich for the road.  Seriously!!  :-)elimic_88 elimic_89 elimic_90 elimic_91 elimic_92

The word that keeps coming to mind is grateful. Grateful that Dad and I had this great opportunity to spend quality time together, traveling to New Jersey to photograph this wedding. Grateful that Michael, Elizabeth and their families thought enough about our work to agree to have us come all that way to take these photos rather than hiring someone local.  So especially grateful that Michael’s parents so generously flew us out to do this. Grateful that once we arrived and began taking photos, Michael and Elizabeth looked so beautiful that we felt like we were working with models.  Grateful that the families welcomed us as if we were family ourselves, and even gave us seats with guests for dinner.  Grateful that this celebration was such an elegant and beautiful one. The list, truly, goes on and on…

Thank you so much Michael and Elizabeth for asking us to be your wedding photographers – we absolutely loved working with you two!  And thank you again to Deb and John for helping to make that happen. Again, you all made us feel like family and I am so happy that we were able to capture these amazingly beautiful memories for your families.