a quick peek at our flash drives

I was just putting together a flash drive package for Liz and Chris and thought I’d take a few photos of the process and share them, just for the fun of it.

When couples select our digital package, they receive a set of hi-res, print quality images, with full reproduction rights to print or share the photos however they wish.  A couple years ago we switched from providing them with a box of disks to using flash drives. With this in mind, we had the opportunity to revisit the physical package that we send to our clients.  So, I put myself in the couples’ shoes. What could we do to make this package seem special? I didn’t feel like a utilitarian, technical flash drive would be terribly unique, or representative of the beautiful photos it contained.  Here’s what we deliver now, and the process I go through when putting the package together.

We actually provide multiple flash drives: one large one for the couple, and two smaller ‘parents copies’ with a subset of those images.  So first, I need to create a label for the parents copies.  I love this part.  Sure, I could use the printer to print labels in bulk, but I wanted an excuse to use this awesome retro typewriter that we found at a thrift shop – so for each wedding, I manually create the labels.

packagin2015_a packagin2015_b packagin2015_c packagin2015_d Our flash drives come from photoflashdrive.com – where we can customize the appropriate sized drive with the couple’s names as well as with our logo.  For bigger weddings, they receive a 64GB drive.packagin2015_d1We also order a beautiful customized box for the drive.
packagin2015_e Here are the contents of the package, including the parents copies.packagin2015_fI add a little personal note and tie up the box, and there you have it.
packagin2015_g All packed up and ready to ship to Liz and Chris.  :-)packagin2015_h