Allison and Blake: a warm and playful celebration at Levyland in Carlsbad

What a treat when you hit it off with someone, then as you get to know them a little better you like them even more!  I had such a great time with Allison and Blake at their engagement session late last year, and as a result I already knew that Dad and I would have a great time photographing their wedding.  And sure enough, after spending their wedding day with them, seeing what warm, sensitive, loving people they both are, and how much they are both adored by their friends and family, I can’t help but think these are two of the most awesome people ever.

Allison and Blake met at work – both are Emergency Medical Technicians.  I can only imagine what it’s like to do that kind of work.  I see EMTs as people who are driven by empathy and compassion.  I see them as smart, quick thinkers, and as people who are calm under pressure.  And now after having met these two, and some of their friends and colleagues, I also see EMTs as being people with great senses of humor, who are sometimes a little goofy in the best possible way.  Now maybe that’s just this crew… tough to say… but I hope it’s true, because it seems that having great senses of humor not only gets them through the day, but helps to form great friendships.

A man who sings along to Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” with his new wife and her friends at their wedding, and seems to know ALL the words, is someone who isn’t afraid to be a little silly. Which is amazing in my book.  And a woman who can’t get through the morning without tearing up just thinking about marrying the love of her life is someone who isn’t afraid to freely express her emotions and let people know how much she cares about them.  Together – perfect.  I know, I gush.  But I can’t help it.  Allison and Blake are just fantastic people and I feel truly fortunate to know them.

Now let’s talk about their beautiful wedding!  Allison and Blake were married at Levyland, a stunning residence in Carlsbad, California.  The modern architecture of the home, and dramatic beachfront views are so unique and beautiful.  As is the policy, Allison and Blake rented the venue for 6 days and 6 nights, which means they were able to enjoy the property for the whole week, and not just on their wedding day. So, not only are our bride and groom fantastic people, the venue was also amazing. So, now finally let’s see some photos…

allbla_01 allbla_02 allbla_03 allbla_04 allbla_05 Oh look Allison!  I was able to get a photo of you not crying… ;-)   So beautiful!!
allbla_06 allbla_07 Allison’s good friend and bridesmaid, Kaylyn of Kay’s Flowers, did a beautiful job on all of the flowers.  I love the cheerful colors and soft textures.allbla_08 allbla_09 Cool socks, Blake!allbla_10 allbla_11 allbla_12 allbla_13 allbla_14 allbla_15 allbla_16 allbla_17 allbla_18 allbla_19 allbla_20 allbla_21 allbla_22 allbla_23 allbla_24 allbla_25 allbla_26 allbla_27 allbla_28 allbla_29 allbla_30 allbla_31 allbla_32 allbla_33 allbla_34 allbla_35 allbla_36 allbla_37 allbla_38I love the colors and all of the thoughtful details that Allison and Blake pulled together for this celebration.  Allison tells me that their home together is colorful and cheerful, and their wedding was certainly a reflection of that.  On their wedding day all of these elements were pulled together and beautifully executed by Regina of Aquilone Events.  We loved working with Regina! She was such a calming presence throughout the day, and made everything look easy – and really, she just seems to be a cool person. (thank you Regina!)
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the team
venue: Levyland, Carlsbad, California
stylist (hair): Danielle Elliott
day-of coordinator: Aquilone Events, Regina
flowers: close friend and bridesmaid, Kaylyn
entertainment: DJ Justin Kanoya
photography: Eisenhower Photography, Julie and Tony

Allison and Blake – thank you again for asking Dad and me to photograph this celebration.  You two have been delightful to work with from the start.  And we are both so happy that you two found each other because you’re clearly perfect together.  It was really an honor to be part of it!  *big hugs*